Lessons in life (& Business Analysis) from my daughter

Andre Nelson
11 min readMar 14, 2020

Yep, that’s right, folks – I did it again (admittedly, with a lot of help from Mrs N). It’s my pleasure to introduce you all to Lady Nelson, who in every way is tiny but perfect. I’m amazed and bewildered by it all, but just like her brother, she makes life a whirlwind of chaos and joy – more the latter than the former, fortunately. Being parents to one child is a steep learning curve but learning how to love, care for and support two very small children is something else. For all the tiredness, stress and the seemingly endless stream of formula bottles and dirty nappies, I’m deliriously happy – although that might be due in small part to the sleep deprivation – and I am learning and growing every day.

Here’s some things I relearned (and some new things I was taught too).

  1. Tiredness can affect your physical AND mental health more than you realise.

I’ve learned the hard way that the soul-crushing lack of sleep that comes with having a new baby affects me in many unanticipated, and often adverse, ways. For example, I had no idea that extreme tiredness can cause me to suffer from writer’s block – which is one of the reasons that articles have been few and far between recently.

I took some time off from work to help out at home with looking after our children, but it feels like there’s very little time to focus on anything that isn’t child or work-related beyond the bare basics at the moment.

I can’t fake this one, people; my life is very much out of balance and it sometimes feels like it takes a monumental effort just to cope.

How do other people make it look so effortless?

Am I doing this whole parenting and life thing wrong?

I’ve found my previous mantra of maintaining balance and wellness has virtually gone out of the window, and I feel like I’m very much in survival mode right now. That’s why I have to be honest with myself and my family, and make sure that I take every possible action I can to keep myself well.

They may be little things – be it taking walks away from my desk to get fresh air, making conscious decisions not to order that pizza instead of eating a healthy and nutritious meal, getting as much sleep as our children…



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